Research Lab

The Gladstein Research Laboratory is located in room 391 of the School of Business.

The lab is dedicated to researching a variety of emerging technologies at greater length.Students and faculty have the opportunity to work with 3D Printers, Microcontrollers, Data Analytics, Virtual Reality, and Internet of Things devices. It is meant to facilitate the test phase of design thinking where more time or equipment is required for projects or learning.

This space also serves to facilitate our workshop series throughout the semester. Our goal is to educate the UConn community about these new technologies and develop potential business uses.

Areas of Focus

Virtual Tour

Test Phase

In the test phase, you set standards and measures to test your prototype against. This is an iterative process so often you go back and change your prototype and keep testing it until the project is where you want. This phase is often performed in the Research Lab where more space and equipment is available.