Tech Demo

Who | They are open to the public and are run by one of the Lab Specialist during their shift.

What | Tech Demos are meant to be more informal than a standard workshop, so guests can come and go to get an idea of what technology we have to offer in the space. If a particular topic makes you want to learn more we have a structured means of learning through the Tech Kits.

When | The Tech Demos are held daily, Monday - Friday at differing times throughout the week for an hour.

Where | A different topic each day is held in our tech demo area of the Innovation Space.


Monday, 2-3pm

Understand the basics of how to apply practical data analytics skills including understanding patterns in data to discovering hidden relationships.


Tuesday, 3-4pm

Learn how microcontrollers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Intel Edison can be used to prototype new ideas. Understand the basics of how the technology works and what resources you need to invent.

3D Printing

Wednesday, 1-2pm

Learn the basics of how an idea can go from concept to reality through 3D printing all from a digital file. Understand how objects and turned into 3D models and then printed in a matter of hours. 

Internet of Things

Thursday, 11-12pm

Learn more about the Internet of Things and how computing devices embedded in everyday objects utilize the interconnection via the Internet, enabling them to send and receive data.

Virtual Reality

Friday, 12-1pm

A great opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of virtual reality technologies. Walk through immersive experiences and learn how this technology can be used in all areas.